Staking COBI Bulls and Barbearians

Staking: Unlocking New Possibilities

  • Introduction: In the Bullieverse, your NFTs can do more than just represent unique avatars or assets – they can actively generate value through staking. By locking in your COBI Bulls or BarBearians, you can passively farm Corals, the key to unlocking a range of exclusive benefits and upgrades.
  • Farming Corals: Coral is the resource that powers progression and customization within the Bullieverse. By staking your NFTs, you can earn a steady stream of Corals, providing a constant source of value from your existing assets.
  • Leveling Up: Spend your farmed Corals to level up your Bulls and Bears. At specific levels, they unlock exclusive perks granting them enhanced in-game abilities. Higher-level NFTs will give higher earning potential in the P2E economy and will unlock exclusive access to early builds, special tournaments, loyalty rewards and higher rental income.
  • Exclusive Items: The VIB Store offers a range of exclusive items, from unique customization options to rare in-game assets. Corals are your key to unlocking these special goodies, further personalizing your experience.
  • Art Upgrades: Use Corals to buy Warpstones and upgrade and enhance the stunning art that brings the Bullieverse to life. As the community farms and spends Corals, the visual fidelity and immersive storytelling of the ecosystem will continue to evolve.
  • Airdrop Points: Coral farming also earns you airdrop points, granting you a chance to receive limited-edition NFTs and surprises. The more Corals you farm, the higher your chances of scoring these exclusive drops like $Rush Game Economy and $B Beyond Network