Diamond Militia - Engage to Earn

Diamond Militia: The Rewarding Journey of Engagement

Become an integral part of the Bullieverse ecosystem and reap rewards as you interact with the community through the Diamond Militia's Engage-to-Earn model. This unique feature bridges the gap between engagement and earning, transforming community participation into tangible benefits.

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How to Engage and Earn:

1. Account Connection

Start by signing up with a wallet with a Bull/Bear NFT or at least 20K $BULL. Integrate your Twitter and Discord accounts with the Leaderboard to begin your journey.

2. Community Interaction

Dive into the Bullieverse community on Twitter and Discord. Engage with content by liking, commenting, and sharing posts to gather points that propel you up the Leaderboard.

3. Ascend Through the Ranks

Your collected points help you rise through the Diamond Militia ranks, from the starting Minuteman to the esteemed General Rank. Each rank escalates your rewards, with Rare Diamond-themed NFTs awaiting at specific levels.

4. Unlock Roles and Perks

After the first 24 hours, you'll achieve your initial Diamond Militia rank. This unlocks access to the #militiaperks channel on Discord, where you can stay engaged and leverage tweets and special replies to your advantage.

5. Maintain Active Participation

Stay active in the community to keep the momentum going. Continue earning points, scale the ranks, and monitor your Diamond RUSH Airdrop Points as they accumulate on the Leaderboard.

The Ultimate Reward: Diamond Militia NFT

At the zenith of the Diamond Militia is the Ultimate Diamond Militia NFT. Reserved for the most dedicated community members who reach the top rank and showcase outstanding community engagement, this NFT is the ultimate symbol of your commitment and success in the Bullieverse.

By engaging with the Diamond Militia, you're not just earning rewards; you're becoming a vital contributor to the thriving Bullieverse community. The Engage-to-Earn model is more than a program—it's a testament to active participation, unity, and the shared passion that makes the Bullieverse a rewarding experience for all.

Diamond Militia Guide

Diamond Militia Guide