Path to Decentralization

Bullieverse will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization.
This process occurs when $Bull token is distributed among players, teams, investors, and the community over time.

Path to decentralization

Phase 1 - 2022

TGE and Token distribution.

No voting possible

Phase 2 - 2023

Bull token holders can stake their tokens through the staking dashboard. They can also start to vote on proposals brought forward by Beyond Labs.

Phase 3 - 2024

Creation of a decentralized governance framework with more on-chain votes about issues pertaining to the growth of the Bullieverse ecosystem.

Currently the voting process will be hosted on Jokerace. We will migrate this to the Bullieverse Governance Framework directly accessible from the Web app.

Phase 4 - 2025

Bull token holders determine which governance framework should be used and how much should be voted on. Some decisions will not be up for debate such as token supply which is iron-clad in smart contracts.

Potential things that can be voted on:

  • Spend on platform reinvestment
  • Enabling other NFT communities to join the Rental Economy
  • Partnerships with Game studios and Popular Digital Brands
  • How should the Community Treasury be used to reward Bull holders and the broader Bullieverse community
  • Community Grants
  • Treasury management and more.

The roadmap can change significantly in the early days, as transitioning to community governance of the Treasury will need to be handled with utmost care. Bullieverse Foundation can alter the timelines to benefit the ecosystem and ensure a smooth transition.