Bear Hunt: The Battle of Verity Village


BearHunt plunges you into the midst of an epic struggle where the stakes are as high as the adrenaline rush. With Verity Village under siege and the Capitol City in peril, it's time to stand tall and push back the army of Bear invaders. Arm yourself for the historic showdown and join forces with fellow warriors to reclaim the land. Your valor will rewrite history in the Bullieverse. Built on Unreal Engine 4, BearHunt offered an immersive 3d gaming experience for both Mac and PC gamers.



With Bearhunt, we unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in the Web3 gaming landscape, the first game to introduce the Play to Mint feature. This innovative concept allowed players to immerse themselves in the Bullieverse through interactive gameplay and emerge with something tangible: a unique Bear NFT.

Bear Hunt is more than a game; it's a pioneering adventure where victory in the virtual world leads to minting one-of-a-kind Bear NFTs. These Bear NFTs are aesthetic additions and hold intrinsic value by enhancing the utility for holders within the metaverse. Players had an the exciting opportunity to become one of the first to claim victory and mint a truly random Bear NFT as their reward, a process that is made fair and transparent through the integration of Chainlink VRF on Ethereum and Polygon.

Chainlink VRF ensured that the distribution of these Bear NFTs is conducted in a provably random manner, which is critical given that certain Bear NFTs possess traits that grant holders additional utility in the metaverse. The integration of this technology is a testament to Bullieverse's commitment to fairness and transparency, as it provides verifiable randomness that is secure against any tampering or manipulation.

In summary, Bear Hunt by Bullieverse is not only a novel gaming experience but also a revolutionary step in the realm of NFTs. It combined the thrill of gaming with the excitement of minting digital assets in a fair and transparent ecosystem.