Milestones and Roadmap

Please note this document is subject to change as development progresses and acts as a living record of progress made towards building the Bullieverse Ecosystem.


✅ COBI 10000 Collection Sold Out
✅ Webapp launch
✅ BearHunt Game Beta
✅ Bullieverse Whitepaper and New Website
✅ Bull 3D Models Launch


✅ BearHunt Game Premier - Early Access for 20+ NFT holders
✅ $Bull TGE
✅ Staking - $RBull
✅ BearHunt Beta Access to all NFT Holders
✅ Bullieverse Merchandise launch in-partnership with Uniqly
✅ BearHunt Grand Finale with Boss Battle
✅ Bear NFT - Play to Mint rewards
✅ Marketplace Launch
✅ Onchain Lootbox System and Leaderboard system
✅ New Survival Shooter Game - Necrodemic - Alpha
✅ New Website Launch
✅ New Survival Shooter Game - Necrodemic - Alpha
✅ Beary's Bootcamp - Bear NFT Hibernation
✅ Bullieverse Ambassadors Program launched
✅ Necrodemic - Beta Leaderboard Competition
✅ Diamond Militia - Community Rewards Programme
✅ Leaderboard Tournaments with MeritCircle, IndiGG, CommunityGaming and GGG (Web3 Guilds)
✅ Free to Play - Leaderboard Competitions - 100 Tournaments hosted
✅ Kickstarted Weekly Twitch streams with community
✅ Bullieverse Game Launcher
✅ Revamp of Bull NFT 3D models Barbearian Bear NFT 3D Models


✅ Necrodemic Beta Leaderboard Competition for Bull and Bearn NFT holders
✅ NFT Levelling Up System - Beachshack
✅ NFT ART Upgrade, Guides, and VIB Store
✅ New Mobile Game Bull Run Title launch and promo
✅ Game Economy - Introduction of $RUSH token and Community Governance Vote
✅ BullRun Closed Beta for NFT Holders on iOS test flight and Google Play Store
✅ Diamond Militia Launch - Engage to Earn Rare NFTs and Diamonds
✅ Necrodemic Upgrade with Unreal Engine 5.3 - New Levels, Bugfixes, and Mac support.
✅ BullRun New maps and UI revamp
✅ Necrodemic - 150+ Tournaments
✅ $Bull token Quarterly burns
✅ BullRun New maps and UI revamp


✅ Necrodemic Whishlisting on Epic Gamestore
✅ Bullieverse Progressive Web App (PWA) launched with $Rush airdrop farming
✅ BullRun - New Animations and Beta leaderboard with holders
✅ Introduction of Beyond Compute Network for AI
✅ Necrodemic 5K Wishlists on Epic Store
✅ Necrodemic Updates - New flying enemy, Traps, Robust anti-cheat system and game analytics
✅ Community Governance vote for Deploying Coinbase's Base L2 bride for $Bull token and adopting Beyond Passport for seamless player onboarding
✅ Project LongHorn ⚔️ - Bullieverse first Multiplayer game first look and Comic NFT launch
⏳BullRun Public launch Apple Appstore and Google Playstore
⏳Necrodemic Public launch on Epic Store
⏳Play to Earn and $Rush Economy
⏳BullRun and Necrodemic User acquisition, Marketing, Promotions and Online / IRL Events
⏳Project LongHorn ⚔️ - Alpha
⏳GamBull Store Launch - $Rush
⏳Bullieverse Gaming assets migration to Base L2
⏳Bear Art upgrade and Migrate to Base L2
⏳Telegram Casual Games with $Rush rewards
⏳NFT Rentals
⏳New Mobile game#2
⏳Beyond Network $B token rewards to $Bull holders and Retroactive rewards to Bullieverse community
⏳Project LongHorn ⚔️ - Multiplayer Open Beta launch on Beyond Game Launcher
⏳Bullieverse Merchandise and IRL Gaming Events across the world
⏳Fully Onchain Game with AI Agents powered by Beyond Decentralized Cloud Compute
⏳Massively Online Social Metaverse with community events supporting upto 10,000 concurrent Players