Necrodemic: A Game of Strategy and Survival


Necrodemic is not just a game; it's a heart-stopping fight for survival where every second counts. As zombie bears swarm, your mission is to outlast and outwit the undead horde. Gather essence, upgrade your arsenal, and unlock perks that ensure your name stays off the death toll. Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and unlock the mysteries within the lootboxes. Built on Unreal Engine 5.3, Necrodemic is currently available to play in Open Beta.

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Necrodemic: A Game of Strategy and Survival

Embark on a harrowing journey through Necrodemic, a game where survival hinges on strategy and the ability to adapt to the unpredictable. In this free-to-play, survival-based thriller set within the Bullieverse, players are pitted against a horde of zombie bears, each encounter infused with a fresh challenge. This element ensures that no two matches are the same, providing an ever-changing battlefield that rewards skill, strategy, and repeated play.

Unpredictable Encounters

Necrodemic sets itself apart with random enemy spawns that transform every match into a unique experience. The game's procedural generation crafts a landscape where players might find advantage or adversity at every turn. This variability ensures that players remain engaged, always anticipating the next surprise and adapting their tactics accordingly.

Diverse Enemy Types

The enemy types in Necrodemic are not just varied — they interact with each other in ways that compel players to think critically about their approach. Take the howler, for example: its cry can bolster the abilities of other zombies, shifting the tide of battle. Players must prioritize their targets wisely, considering the impact of their choices on the overall fight. This contrasts sharply with traditional zombie shooters, where the objective is simply to eliminate incoming enemies before they strike.


Survival in Necrodemic demands more than just quick reflexes; players must enhance their character's abilities and arsenal. The game offers a selection of perks that improve everything from firing rate to reload speed, along with special mechanics like turning grenades into sticky traps or enabling quick revives.

What truly adds depth to Necrodemic is the radmon spawining of in-game shops. Players cannot merely purchase their preferred perks; they must hope that these enhancements appear when needed, as the inventory is randomized. This design adds a layer of strategic decision-making: should a player invest in the perks available now or hold out for potentially better abilities later?

Limited Perk Slots

To complicate matters further, players are restricted to only six perks at a time, despite the game offering an array of perks exceeding this limit. This forces players to constantly evaluate their strategy and make tough decisions on which perks to carry, weighing the immediate benefits against potential future gains. The pressure mounts as time progresses, with shops eventually closing, adding a sense of urgency to each decision.

The innovative gameplay of Necrodemic ensures that players are always on their toes, crafting unique character builds and strategies for survival. Every session is a gamble, a test of foresight and flexibility, making Necrodemic a standout game in the Bullieverse portfolio and the zombie shooter genre at large.

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