$RUSH Token


The $RUSH token introduces the Play-to-Earn model in Bullieverse mobile games, starting with Bull Run. Players can earn $RUSH through gameplay milestones, daily/weekly challenges, leaderboards, tournaments, and referral rewards. This P2E model fosters deeper engagement and incentivizes players to achieve and compete, enhancing the overall gaming experience and retention.

Token Distribution

$RUSH Token Supply and Release Schedule

Total Supply: 100 Billion $RUSH tokens

Initial Distribution:

  • 5 Billion (5% of Total Supply)

Play-to-Earn Rewards:

  • 80 Billion (80% of Total Supply)

Liquidity Provision:

  • 5 Billion (5% of Total Supply)


  • 10 Billion (10% of Total Supply)

Inflationary Mechanism (Post 4-year mark):

  • A 1% annual inflation rate will be introduced, which will be governed by $BULL token holders. This mechanism is designed to sustain the reward system and continue incentivizing player engagement within the Bullieverse ecosystem.