Renting NFTs

Renting NFTs in the Bullieverse: Exploring New Avenues

The Bullieverse stands out in the digital gaming space by offering a unique feature: NFT rentals. This function fosters new ways for NFT owners and gamers to use and gain from their digital items.

Initial NFT Rentals: Bulls and Bears

With the introduction of the Play-to-Earn economy in Bullieverse, the first NFTs available for rent will be the Bulls and Bears collections. Owners of these NFTs can earn additional income by renting them to other players, contributing to an active in-game economy.

Expanding NFT Rental Market with CrossIP

The Bullieverse team plans to extend the NFT rental capability to include various notable collections, such as Bored Ape, Azuki or other popular Web3 native IPs. This initiative aims to allow a broader range of NFTs to be rented and used in the Bullieverse, giving players a richer experience through access to a variety of popular NFTs.
Owners of NFTs from selected collections can monetize their assets in the Bullieverse by staking at least 20 #COBI Bull NFTs and entering into a licensing agreement. This process enables NFT owners to rent out their assets, enhancing the gaming environment for all players in the Bullieverse.

Profit Sharing and $Bull Token Reduction

Revenue from NFT rentals in Bullieverse games will be divided between the NFT owner and the Bullieverse Treasury. This collaboration benefits both parties. Additionally, part of the Treasury's share will be used to reduce the number of $Bull tokens, promoting a deflationary trend that is advantageous for the Bullieverse ecosystem.

The Evolution of Gaming with Bullieverse

NFT rentals begin the Bullieverse's mission to innovate in the gaming sector. Our ongoing development aims to support a player-driven economy, encourage collaborations across different IPs, and open up new opportunities for our community members.

Exploring the NFT Rental Market in the Bullieverse Ecosystem


In a dynamic digital ecosystem where the interplay of NFTs creates a vibrant rental market, let's explore a theoretical model to examine the rental market's functionality, governed by the principles of supply and demand, within a community of 30,000 participants and a finite supply of Bull and Bear NFTs.

NFT Supply and Player Demand Analysis

The Bullieverse contains a total NFT supply of 20,000, evenly distributed between 10,000 Bull NFTs and 10,000 Bear NFTs. Assuming the potential player base demanding these NFTs stands at 30,000 individuals. We hypothesize that if only 50% of NFT owners put their digital assets up for rent, there would be 10,000 NFTs on the market—comprising 5,000 Bull NFTs and 5,000 Bear NFTs.

Market Dynamics and Rental Demand

There could be several key factors that influence the rental demand within the Bullieverse:

  1. Base Demand: A fundamental 3:1 player-to-NFT ratio suggests a robust demand for NFT rentals. The scarcity of NFTs could elevate rental prices, prompting more owners to enter the rental space.

  2. Play-to-Mint Events: Such events can cause a temporary surge in rental demand as players seek additional NFTs to enhance their chances of minting new, valuable assets. Rental prices may experience a hike during these peak periods.

  3. Play-to-Earn Modes: The regularity of Play-to-Earn modes might lead to a consistent rental demand, with players aiming to optimize rewards and tokens. This could stabilize rental prices over time.

  4. Tournaments and Special Events: These create spikes in demand for unique or superior NFTs, potentially driving higher rental prices for these assets while others maintain stability.

Rental Pricing Factors

The valuation of Bull and Bear NFTs for rental purposes is likely influenced by characteristics such as rarity, level, and in-game assets equipped. Higher-level NFTs that offer some sort of an advantage in events could command premium rental prices, whereas other NFTs would be more moderately priced. Market demand and event schedules will continuously influence these rental prices.

Revenue Distribution

As per the model, the revenue generated from NFT rentals would be split between the NFT owner and the Bullieverse Treasury. The distribution could vary, with a proposed 70% to owners and 30% to the Treasury to encourage market participation. This model is subject to adjustments to reflect market dynamics and community governance.

Economic Impact of Token Burning

The Bullieverse Treasury will allocate (based on community governance) its rental revenue to burn $Bull tokens, inducing a deflationary mechanism that benefits the ecosystem. The rate of token burning would be adjustable, depending on the market's health and community input.


This is a speculative model for the NFT rental market within the Bullieverse, considering factors of supply, demand, and event-driven variances. As the platform matures, the Bullieverse team will continue to refine this model, incorporating real-world data and community input to ensure a thriving and sustainable rental marketplace.