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Game Portals
Portals are spaces where games will be hosted. Community members can purchase portals and host games inside the portal, for which they can charge a fee to the game creator. The process of buying and selling portals is similar to that of a land transaction. However, land owners wouldn't be able to host games. A fraction of the fees charged by a portal will be sent to the DAO.
While the concept of portals would exist in the first rollout of Bullieverse (with the Bear Hunt game), this version of the portal would be owned by the DAO. We will be rolling out portal sales in alignment with the sale of land.

Creative Freedom

Game creation is not restricted by real estate limitations as they are generally based inside a portal. Portals, unlike lands, have no real estate limits, therefore, game creators have creative freedom to explore and expand their gaming environment. The exception to this feature is when community members decide to create simple gaming competitions on their land. In that scenario, they are restricted by the size, terrain and location of their land.
These are the aspects that a gaming experience would have within Bullieverse.

Fair Monetization

There are several ways for game creators to monetize the gaming environment. Some of the examples are,
  • NFT Sale - revenues from the gaming community to play the game
  • Royalties from Marketplace trading of in-game assets
  • In-Game Ads - revenues from partners who want their brand in front of the game players
  • only 5% of all game creators' revenues will go to the Bullieverse DAO.
Experience created in the Portal
Experience created in the Portal
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