White Paper

Introduction to Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an ever-expanding world with an arcade of games for the community to play and earn rewards. A game player can become a Citizen of Bulliver Island (COBI) by buying our Bull NFTs.
We launched 2 Unreal Engine 3D games that brought our community together. The Bullieverse platform is built with several futuristic capabilities in mind. We plan to build a variety of games and also enable other game developers to build games with our Avatars and In-Game Assets, providing more utility for our NFTs and more fun experiences for our players. Our communities will be able to do the following.
  • Play Games
  • Create Assets and
  • Buy and Lend Assets (NFTs, Land, Portals)
Our community can play the following roles on the platform
  • Game Player
  • Asset Owner
All these roles will provide various incentives and rewards.