White Paper
Introduction to Bullieverse
Bulliever Island is an ever-expanding world with an arcade of games for the community to play and earn rewards. It is an island that is about 3 miles long and wide. A game player can become a Citizen of Bulliver Island (COBI) by buying our Bull NFTs.
Game players can enjoy our first game, 'The Bear Hunt,' from Q1 2022. We are launching the Beta version of The Bear Hunt in January 2022 for our community. This is the first play-and-earn game that brings our community together. The Bullieverse platform is built with several futuristic capabilities in mind. Our communities will be able to do the following on the Metaverse.
  • Create Games
  • Publish Games
  • Play Games
  • Create Assets and
  • Buy and Lend Assets (NFTs, Land, Portals)
Our community can play the following roles on the platform
  • Game Player
  • Game Creator and
  • Asset Owner
All these roles will provide various incentives and rewards. To enable that, Bullieverse has two tokens. The Bull token for the DAO governance and the Shell token as in-game rewards. The tokenomics and the function of these tokens are explained in detail in the Tokenomics section below.
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