White Paper

Foundational Framework

The Bullieverse vision would be achieved by executing our foundational framework elements. This framework provides us with the capabilities that underpin the decentralized metaverse built around a community of game players, creators, and asset owners.
  • A secure, scalable, and rich gaming platform built on Ethereum, Polygon, and Unreal Engine that provides game players an enjoyable experience.
  • A suite of engrossing hand-crafted games that gamers play and earn from.
  • An asset-rich Metaverse for the community to own and monetize.
  • A tailor-made marketplace for gaming where our players can interact and transact seamlessly.
  • To top it all, a Decentralised Autonomous Organization can ensure governance and help scale the platform to deliver the vision of a virtuous, self-reinforcing gaming environment.
The team executing this framework has several years of Web 3.0 experience. That allows the ecosystem to be crypto-native in its truest sense.