White Paper


NFT art has been both a booming economy and a dope trend on social media. Contemporary art patrons invest in one-off visual art pieces, that are sold just like masterpiece paintings. The second category which is part of the NFT buying trend, is NFT "collections", like COBI.
Bullieverse is a collection of 10,000 uniquely and programmatically designed bulls, each one created with varying traits, like skin color, facial expression, clothing, horns, and accessories. We have used over 160 different traits in creating Bulls that will be used as avatars in Bullieverse games.
COBI Collection
Being part of the Bulliverse is not just cool; it also has many fun activities for the community members to do with their friends. Owning a bull makes them eligible to enter exclusive competitions and other games in the Metaverse and earn rewards while they're having fun.
COBI NFTs can be accessed on OpenSea and are also available for trading on our marketplace. Our switch to Polygon as an L2 solution would be fundamental in significantly lowering the gas fee.
Citizenship Benefits
Buying a COBI NFT instantly makes you a Citizen of Bulliever Island. It's possible to become a member of the Metaverse through a free pass as well, but it comes with limited access. Citizenship, complete ownership, and certain exclusive benefits are accessible only to bull owners. The benefits and utility of owning a Bull are as follows,
  • Play-and-Earn
  • Own Assets
  • Exclusive NFT drops and other in-game perks
  • Level up NFTs by participating in the economy and accrue value to the NFTs
Own a bull, and you gain foremost access to our releases - spectacular new games, rare loot box drops, special merchandise, and other in-game perks that are added to the Bullieverse ecosystem. All rewards in the Play-and-Earn category have higher rewards for Bull NFT owners. The potential of Play-and-Earn rewards further depends on the rarity of the COBI NFT and the number of NFTs you own.
The Bear Hunt Game: An addition to our Metaverse is the Bear Hunt game, which is again exclusive to COBI NFT owners. Winners of the Bear Hunt game will receive a Bear NFT.
Land Grab: Land in the Metaverse would be sold in phases, and as bull owners are top-tier participants in the game, they get early access to the sale of land.
NFT Marketplace: Our Native Marketplace enables NFT holders to trade and rent their NFTs to peers. These would be loaned to other players to gain access to certain exclusive events or games to earn better rewards.