White Paper

Bullieverse Economy

What we are building at Bullieverse could redefine more than just the gaming landscape. In fact, we make the case that it has the potential to change how people interact with and perceive traditional socioeconomic structures like financial institutions, marketplaces, and governments. This is because A Metaverse built on the foundations of Web 3.0 ethos provides a proof of concept for a self-sovereign financial system, an open creator economy, and universal digital representation and ownership that lend themselves to a wide variety of emerging digital environments and forms of value creation.
The below diagram elaborates on the different stakeholders in the ecosystem that make the Bullieverse economy effective and efficient. Key stakeholders are,
  • Game Players
  • Game Creators/Owners
  • Asset Creators/Owners
  • DAO
  • Visitors
Bullieverse Economy