White Paper
All asset creation processes on Bullieverse have to go through a curation process where they are assessed for quality and checked for any malicious and harmful content. This process is performed by a group of community members in a decentralized process.
The curation process involves curators staking tokens to show commitment to the quality of curation. These curators must sign up to the curation economy to get notified of a game that has arrived in the queue for curation. After they stake Bull tokens to perform curation, they will be able to play, test and review the game. If they are happy with the game and do not find any issues, they can approve the game.
Post curation if the game is identified to have fundamental issues or conduct issues, the DAO could make a decision to slash the stake and penalize the curators. There will be a timelock on the stake to make sure the staking is locked for an amount of time after the game is launched.
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