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Prebuilt Components
SnowCrash is built on top of Epic's popular Unreal Engine and provides a plethora of easy-to-use tools and prebuilt components to create immersive gaming experiences. Complete beginners or seasoned developers can make use of the array of tools and create games with ease. SnowCrash does all the heavy lifting for you by taking care of the complexities under the hood and helping you focus on your creation.
SnowCrash makes this possible by giving you prebuilt templates that you can modify, tweak, change according to your imagination. Users have complete flexibility over the creation process and advanced users can also make use of our custom scripting tool to take games to the next level. You are not constrained to use only the assets that are already present within SnowCrash, users are free to import their custom assets or make use of the asset packs in the creator's marketplace made by other creators.
These are the different categories of prebuilt components SnowCrash has to offer

Asset Library

Environmental/ Level Design Pack: This pack would contain everything you would need to put together a scene by drag and drop including foliages like trees and grass, rocks, buildings, texture packs. This pack also contains level design elements to create your own lobbies, racecourse, etc.

Custom Game Template

NPCs: Find a range of characters that would fit in different genres to use in your game. Players can directly interact with it or it could blend in the environment.
Animation Library: Animation libraries contain all the basic animations you would need to use inside your game both for the main character and NPCs, and in the future, you will also be able to edit the animations and import custom character animations.
Effects: The effects library will have a range of particle effects and other prebuilt simulations, like rain, fire, gunshots, smoke, mystical powers, etc. that you can use inside your game. These effects would also have their corresponding SFXs linked to them.
Components: Components are interactive objects. They would have interesting behaviors when the player interacts with them. It could be an object like a weapon (gun, sword) or a car that's directly part of the gameplay or even something like a trampoline or ladder that the player can interact with. One can use the scripting tool to further modify their behaviors.
Game Logic: Game logic contains a lot of prebuilt AI, game rules that would enable creators to plug and play. The game logic library will help build game mechanisms, define the rules, conditions and objectives of the game in both multiplayer and single-player games.
Social Kit and UI: Social Kit contains drag-and-drop UI elements on the player's screen, which would define how one player interacts with another player in a multiplayer scenario. The kit also features customizable UI elements that would display Player Traits and parameters. Apart from the predefined templates that the platform would offer, creators can also save their own templates that they can reuse for new games.
Game Templates: The game templates features prebuilt games that act as a barebone to build upon. The Game templates range from popular genres and titles like Battle Royale, Survival, Death Match, Racing, etc. The creator isn't constrained to use the templates and can always start from an empty project.
Creator's Marketplace: in the creator's marketplace you can find assets created for creators by creators. It's the creator's go-to place to find necessary assets and templates to build the game. In the initial stages, there will be reward programs to incentivize community creations and kickstart the creator's economy.
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