White Paper
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SnowCrash is our game creation engine developed on Unreal Engine. Snowcrash leverages the full potential of Unreal Engine and the Unreal Engine marketplace. We provide Lego blocks consisting of assets, textures, materials, animations and more that creators can simply drag and drop. They can choose inbuilt game templates to quickly put together gameplay.
SnowCrash provides support for LUA scripting which can be used to write game logic and test the gameplay runtime. SnowCrash also includes libraries like Social Kit that enable social aspects like connecting with friends, chatting and following. SnowCrash will act as the abstraction layer between Unreal Engine's C++ libraries and the creator user experience.
SnowCrash has built-in plugins to enable in-game purchases and introduce incentive mechanisms like play-to-earn. Once the game is tested, creators can publish it to the sandbox for review and approval from the DAO. Developers can choose from thousands of assets in the creator marketplace to customize the gaming experience.
Creator UX will be provided on a simple user interface. Creators can get into this space and will see the assets that they can choose from. Once they have chosen the set-up of their game and the assets in there, they will be able to see the gaming experience that they have created. Once they are happy with the gaming environment and the plays, they can move it to the sandbox for approval.
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